Meal Events


Coming together through difference




Chatter Chamber meal events bring people together who would not normally meet in their local area.


The purpose is to expose guests to different and unexpected routes possible in life, and to foster understanding of why and how people might take them. The format is structured, with lots of opportunities for every person to shape the conversation.  Each event has a guest co-curator who works with Chatter Chamber on the topic of the night.


Expect creative interludes, guest speakers, performers,  mind-opening questions, and regular seating rotations, to keep the convo flowing!








Either donate £3, which confirms your attendance and cover those who otherwise couldn't come, or opt for a free meal ticket covering £12 of any order.


On the night, just pay for what you order.






  1. Meals are organised in local restaurants
  2. We ask for those who can to make a small donation to cover those who otherwise could not come
  3. To attend, sign up online, and either donate £3 covering those who otherwise couldn't afford to come, or put yourself forward for a free meal ticket
  4. Turn up.  Meet new people.  And, just pay for what you order  :)






We believe that to create a more positive and considered society, we need to understand and care for everyone in it. The best way to do that? Have a meal together! By meeting people with different ideas and circumstance, we can also learn about ourselves and expand our understanding of the different possible routes in life.


Plus, sharing a meal with others has been shown to increase happiness levels (Oxford Economics 2018) and bridge social and emotional barriers between people ( Douglas Alexander's work on bonding).






We work with different charities, social groups, and corporations, to ensure a diverse mix of people can hear about and then choose to come to our events.  Recently we have been working with the Migrant Resource Centre, and a local residential home, having both their staff and clients to attending.